Jan 03, 2013 by Alagasco

160 Years of Service

The traditional New Year’s song, “Auld Lang Syne” has been sung around the world for more than 300 years.  Originating in Scotland, “Auld Lang Syne” translates to Times Gone Bye. As we begin a New Year, we’d like to take a moment to look back at our “Times Gone Bye”…

In 1852, there was no such thing as a telephone. Thomas Edison wouldn’t invent the light bulb for another 27 years, and great inventors like Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers weren’t even born yet. However, in 1852, the company known today as Alagasco was born.

In Montgomery, Alabama, prior to 1852, business places and homes had been lit only by oil lamps and candles. People would have to walk down dark streets or carry torches. It was October 14, 1852 that the city issued an ordinance allowing the creation of a system for gas lighting in what is now part of Alagasco’s oldest service area.

It’s amazing to think how far we have come in 160 years and how things have changed so drastically in that time. It seems everything in life is simpler with just a touch of a button. From remote controlled fireplaces and control-paneled tankless water heaters to the intelligent Nest thermostat that helps you save energy by learning your schedule, it is clear that comfort is not a luxury these days. It’s a necessity.

In our 160 years of service, there are a few things that haven’t changed. Our commitment to providing exceptional service to our customers and being an active part of the communities we serve will never fade.

As we embark on our 161st year of serving customers in North and Central Alabama, we wanted to start the New Year off by saying, “thank you.” Thank you for choosing natural gas, and thank you for choosing Alagasco as your service provider.

It was true 160 years ago and will be true more than 160 years from now that in every phase of life, there is heat and there is good heat. We’re the good heat!



Alagasco, your natural gas partner, provides clean, energy efficient natural gas to approximately 437,000 homes, businesses and industries in central and north Alabama. To report a gas leak, a line break, or any other gas service emergency, please call 1-800-292-4008. For other inquiries about your account, service or billing, you can reach us via email or phone.

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