Jun 09, 2014 by Alagasco

2014 Summer Grill Master Quiz

Think your dad is a Master of the Grill?  King of the summer cookout?  Conqueror of the Q?

If any of the following statements describe your dad, then he might just be a Grill Master.  

1.       He grills more than twice a week.Grill Master

2.       Friends show up at his house with raw meat.

3.       He has his own secret sauce.

4.       The smell wafting from his backyard attracts strangers at meal time.

5.       The big game is always watched at his house because friends know he will cook.

6.       He has been known to bust out a signature “tong twirl” to impress guests.

7.       He can cook the perfect medium-rare steak without a thermometer.

8.       He considered renewing his wedding vows just so he could add a new Weber Genesis E310 to the gift registry.

9.       He spends more time on his deck than you do in your kitchen.

10.   He owns a marinade brush but not a hairbrush.

11.   You’ve made him a grill-shaped cake for Father’s Day.

12.  He has something marinating in the fridge right now.

13.   Perfect grill marks make him happier than a pig in mud.

14.   A pig in mud makes him crave grilled pork chops.

15.   He uses a natural gas grill.

If the answer is ‘no’ to that last statement, you may want to consider getting him a natural gas grill for Father’s day.

Natural gas grills:

  • Require no charcoal warm-up time.  When you’ve got hungry mouths to feed, you can fire up your natural gas grill on a moment’s notice.
  • Require no tank to refill.  You don’t have to worry about running out of gas in the middle of a party.
  • Have no messy clean up. Grilling never feels like a hassle.
  • Look pretty sleek in the backyard. A Grill Master should look the part, right?
  • Allow you to cook even when the power is out. Not even a power outage is going to stand between you and your grill!

Think it’s time to make the switch to a natural gas grill for Dad?  Visit www.alagasco.com for more information. 


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