Jan 12, 2012 by Alagasco

Helpful tips for the laundry room

So, everyone LOVES doing laundry…right? Wrong! There may be a few people out there who enjoy the never ending cycle of washing, drying, folding and putting up laundry…but most of us would love to find a way to make it magically disappear. Here are a few tips to make doing the laundry a little easier, since most of our magic wands are not working.

Baking soda is a magical laundry ingredient. It can whiten your whites, but it also has a few more tricks up its sleeve.

  • Add ½ cup baking to top-loading machines or ¼ cup for front-loading machines, along with the usual amount of detergent, to give your detergent an extra boost to help clean and deodorize.
  • Add ½ cup bleach and ½ cup baking soda to white loads – it masks some of the bleach odor and helps make whites whiter.
  • Have those “dry clean only” items? Now, in some cases, you can clean them at home. Use 4 tablespoons of baking soda in cold water. Test the items first – check the fabric to make sure it can handle the water and to see how colorfast it is. If it holds up – hand wash away.

Looking for a more natural way to get rid of that static cling and soften your clothes? Fabric softener can build up over time and reduce the life of your clothes. Who would have thought that vinegar would be the way to go?

  • Add ¼ – ½ cup vinegar into your wash water, through the liquid softener cup or during the rinse cycle.

Looking to save energy in the laundry room? Here are a few tips to help you out.

  • Wash your clothes in cold water whenever possible.
  • Wash and dry full loads.
  • If you wash smaller loads, be sure to change the water level setting appropriately.
  • Dry towels and heavier cottons in a separate load from lighter-weight clothes.
  • Don’t over-dry your clothes. Over-drying can use more energy and cause more static cling.
  • Clean the lint filter in the dryer after every load.
  • If you are drying several loads, dry them back to back to take advantage of the residual heat in the dryer.

And last, but not least…how would you like to save time in the laundry room? With a Natural Gas dryer, you can do just that.  You can dry clothes considerably faster with a Natural Gas dryer compared to electric – who can’t appreciate that?

Now, Alagasco is offering a rebate for up to $450 if you convert your electric dryer to a Natural Gas dryer. For more information, click the link or call 1-800-292-4010.

Information adapted from “101 Old Time Country Household Hints” and the Department of Energy.


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