Apr 27, 2012 by Alagasco

Managing the Unimaginable: Alagasco’s Response to the April 27th Tornadoes

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One year ago today, Alagasco, along with much of the state of Alabama, faced an unimaginable disaster: 62 tornadoes barreled across the state, killing 248 people, damaging or destroying 14,000 homes, and scarring landscapes and minds for years to come.

For Alagasco, it tested the strength of our people and our processes and ultimately made us a better company. The tragedy also highlighted what we already knew: Our workers are dedicated to our mission and to our community.

Alagasco received more than 3,000 emergency leak calls in three hours following the tornadoes, 4,500 meters were out of service and more than 2,400 customers completely lost their homes or businesses. But there were no natural-gas related fires or injuries.

“It’s hard to believe what we did that night and all we were doing was just our job,” said Tuscaloosa crewman Randy Smith.  Here is a video capturing the events through the eyes of our employees.  


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