Aug 09, 2011 by Alagasco

Alagasco Gears Up for the Natural Gas Rodeo

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Alagasco is gearing up for this year’s Natural Gas Rodeo in Fairview Heights, IL. That’s right, The Natural Gas Rodeo. You may ask yourself, are there horses? Are there ropes? No, but there are plenty of hard hats and backhoes. The Natural Gas Rodeo is a national competition in which gas utility companies from around the country come together and compete for the championship title. Rest assured, Alagasco is doing what it can to ensure Alabama is represented well. Alagasco is the title holder for the 2010 two-person team. The “Outlaws” brought it home last year, and we are looking forward to an Alagasco team making us proud again this year.

So, what exactly do they do at a Natural Gas Rodeo? Well, there are five qualifying events:

  • Meter Set
  • Service Installation
  • Pipe Cut
  • Hand Dig
  • Wild Card Event

After completing these events, if you qualify…then and only then do you advance to the relay.

The relay is where real skills are required! The most exciting stage of the relay is the egg pick up (yes, egg pick up). A spoon is attached to the front a backhoe bucket. A team member, using the backhoe bucket, must pick up an egg with the spoon and place it in an 8-inch weld cap. Other events include a truck and trailer backup, pipe squeeze, regulator bypass, and this year there is a new mini-excavator event. It can get intense! But, our teams are ready.

While we clearly don’t pick up eggs in the field with backhoes, the agility, hard work and years of experience our crews have resonates in the quality of work Alagasco provides for our customers. Our teams practice after hours and on the weekends to polish their skills to represent Alagasco and the great state of Alabama. For that we are proud.


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