Oct 30, 2013 by Alagasco

Share the story. Share the Innovation.

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A few weeks ago we shared a story about an innovative project our mechanics worked on at The Hotel at Auburn University & Dixon Conference Center. We called it, Share the story. Share the Innovation. Here’s another story we would like to share that was spawned by our mechanics looking for an innovative solution to an all too familiar issue – broken down water heater.

When a restaurant in Opelika had to shut down for two days because of a faulty commercial water heater, Alagasco employees at the Opelika Business Center started thinking, “How can we help our customers and even potential new customers in situations like this in the future? How we can be more of a business partner when our customers need us the most?”

From there, the idea of an emergency water heater truck was born. The idea seemed far-fetched at first—to have portable water heaters that could serve customers in emergency situations. However, when Alagasco employees Brad Clark, John Stephens and Troy Aldridge met with Chris Martin from Noritz America Corp.®, the concept became reality.

With the help of Covered Wagon Trailers, Clark customized the trailer so that it could be used for customers in situations where emergency hot water was required.

Noritz® donated three commercial water heaters that can provide 15-20 gallons of hot water per minute to customers in need.

The trailer, which is surrounded by 150 watt lights and an on-board generator, serves as a vital asset in emergency situations.

Since its creation in May 2012, the “Water Heater Backup System” trailer has served customers throughout the Alagasco service territory. It’s is just another example of sharing the story and sharing the innovation.


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