Feb 28, 2012 by Alagasco

SHARE with those in need

In today’s challenging economy, more people find themselves in need of a helping hand for basics such as food, housing and utilities.

With so many in need, we are all called upon to help our neighbors. Project SHARE offers an opportunity to easily do just that – help someone in need with utility costs through a modest contribution on your monthly gas bill.

Project SHARE (Service to Help Alabamians with Relief on Energy), co-sponsored by Alagasco, is funded through monthly contributions from Alagasco customers. The program assists people 62 or older on low, fixed incomes and people with disabilities who cannot keep up a regular family income. The American Red Cross administers the program.

A person who qualifies can receive assistance one time during the winter and one additional time during the summer if severely high temperatures cause a health threat.

If you already contribute to Project SHARE, we thank you for your generous support. If you aren’t yet enrolled in Project SHARE, we hope you’ll consider doing so. Enrollment only takes a few moments with our online form at https://www.alagasco.com/fw/main/default.asp?DocID=129&

Your monthly $1, $3 or $5 pledge can help make sure that Project SHARE is able to continue serving those in need.


Alagasco, your natural gas partner, provides clean, energy efficient natural gas to approximately 437,000 homes, businesses and industries in central and north Alabama. To report a gas leak, a line break, or any other gas service emergency, please call 1-800-292-4008. For other inquiries about your account, service or billing, you can reach us via email or phone.

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