Feb 01, 2012 by Alagasco

Trussville provides guidance on tarp placement and exhaust vent clearance

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Following last week’s storms, there were a few instances where crews from Alagasco and Trussville Utilities could not safely restore service because vent stacks were covered with blue tarps. So the companies asked the Trussville Building Inspection and Engineering Department to provide some guidelines.

Here is what Dan Sargent of Trussville’s Inspection and Engineering Department recommends:

  • After a tornado, when residents put tarps on their roofs to protect the home from further damage, some precautions need to be taken.
  • A hole must be cut in the tarp and pulled over the exhaust vents for appliances that use gas or propane such as water heaters, gas furnaces and kitchen appliances. This will keep the carbon monoxide from building up under the tarp and re-entering the home. A tarp is a combustible material so a 6-inch distance from exhaust vents and pipes would be a safe distance in an emergency situation.
  • Alagasco and Trussville Utilities recommend that residents with questions about tarp placement and exhaust vent clearance call the city of Trussville Inspection and Engineering Department at 655-5483.


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