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‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

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We know you may not always be thinking about heat, but we are! We are passionate about what we do, the great product we sell and who we serve. We would like to share with you the Good Heat version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, written by retired Alagasco employee Jenny Whitman in Gadsden. Jenny has been with Alagasco for 13 years.


The Good Heat version of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

By: Jenny W. Whitman 


Twas the night before Christmas and Rudolph’s nose would not glow,

Santa knew without his light, they couldn’t see through the snow!

His nose had no shine– but it was red,

Because he had a cold, and needed to stay in bed.

Rudolph had a fever and the North Pole chills,

As the snow and the wind whistled through the hills.


Santa figured out just what to do,

He called Alagasco with their flame of blue.

Santa chatted with Jeff and told him his plan,

I know all your employees, every woman and man.


Please send us some “good” heat and make it snappy,

We’ve got to get Rudolph well, and make him happy!

Your employees are smart and fast as elves,

They work for others and don’t think of themselves.


They spoke not a word, but went straight to their job,

With pipes and tools, Jeff gave them a nod,

The chimney was old and really drafty,

So gas logs were installed with expertise so crafty.


Rudolph sneezed one more time then jumped to his feet –

My how wonderful this is – it’s got to be the “good” heat!

He hopped in his harness and jumped on the roof,

He was warm from his antlers to the tips of hoofs.


Santa ordered gas stoves and water heaters too,

Then through the snow and the fog Rudolph’s nose burned a flaming blue!


Thanks Jenny for sharing this with us.



From all of us at Alagasco – Happy Holidays.



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