Jul 19, 2011 by Alagasco

What is all this talk about NGVs?

Actually, there is a lot to talk about. We use Natural Gas to heat our homes and business. We use it to heat our water, cook our meals and dry our clothes. But, have you ever thought about it running your vehicle? Natural gas vehicles (NGVs) can play a huge role in reducing the nation’s dependence on foreign oil.

Chevrolet Bi-Fuel Truck

Natural gas vehicles work much like gasoline-powered vehicles.


And when it comes to fueling…well, it can’t get much easier.  There are basically two types of fueling – fast-fill and time-fill.  A fast-fill dispenser fills the tank in about the same amount of time it takes to fuel a comparable gasoline or diesel vehicle.  Simply connect the fuel nozzle, flip the switch to begin fueling the vehicle and disconnect the nozzle when the car’s tank is full.  Sound familiar? It’s not much different than fueling a gasoline powered vehicle.

Honda Civic GX - fueled by Natural Gas

Imagine fueling your car being just as easy and convenient as charging your cell phone. A home refueling system does not have a storage system and has a much smaller (and less expensive) compressor, so it fills the car over several hours.  Basically, you hook your vehicle up at night, and depending on how much fuel you used that day, 8 hours later your tank is full.  You start every day with a full tank so you rarely have to take time out of your day to stop at a gas station and fill up. This is made possible by a vehicle refueling appliance, such as the Phill by BRC FuelMaker.  The Phill unit compresses and feeds natural gas from your home’s natural gas line directly to your NGV. Talk about convenient!

Today’s gas prices have us cringing at the pump.  The Honda Civic GX NGV has an eight gallon tank and will go 220-250 miles per tank on average.  Right now, the gasoline gallon equivalent price of natural gas is $1.40-$2.40. When was the last time you paid $11.20-$19.20 for a tank of gas?

Would you ever consider driving a NGV?


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